September 25, 2008

Glen Eyrie

What ‘s in a name? If you know Scottish (or Gaelic), you’d know: a glen is a narrow valley and an eyrie is an eagle’s nest. So, now you know as well whence the name... The eagles’ nest which named this place is still here, halfway up a cliff; it has been there over a hundred years. The golden eagle family has moved out, but I’m told that another bird family uses the homestead. We live and work here as well.
The days have been sunny and warm, although the evenings remind us of fall. It cools down and the trees are turning as well. We really enjoy working with the other regular staff and volunteers. Many of the regular workers are young, like mid twenties. This almost did Corrie in, because she tried to keep up with them; their energy is infectious, but our stamina is more like “sixty something.”

On Sunday, because of a very small crowd, we had plate service, a nice change. For a special treat we drove to the “Royal Gorge.” It is about an hour away from here. We have taken many visitors to this spot, ever since my Dad and I found it in 1987. We had never been there, just the two of us; but this time we were, just the two of us there.

On the day of our anniversary we went out for dinner, not because the food here was not good, but b
ecause it was special, of course! We ate at a local rustic place, “the Stage Coach Inn” in Manitou Springs. Corrie had sirloin, I had salmon. We took about two hours to do the dinner.

On Saturday we went for a hike right from our cottage. Our cottage is at 6540 feet elevation, and Echo Rock, behind us tops at about 7000 feet. The hike was about a mile and a half and took us three hours. It was rated “difficult” and we stopped frequently for pictures and something to drink. It is easy to get dehydrated at elevation in the sun, even in the fall. The scenery was breathtaking. We saw big horn sheep on the mountain side, we were heckled by “Jays”, we took pictures of flowers and the surroundings. Throughout it all, we are constantly reminded of our Creator and the beautiful creation.
Big Horn sheep

What a view!

Our home, away from home, neat he?

September 20, 2008

Fabulous Fun Places

Pagosa Springs lies behind us! We did some more fun things with Monique and Rick, which they also share in Rick’s blog (Click here, to go there). They left on Friday to spend some time with Rick’s brother and family in
Denver. They also spend some time with cousin Riekje, who attend Regents College there.

It really does smell like vanilla - maple

Just a breather and an another beautiful view

On a "mountain top"

When we traveled on Saturday the clouds had left, but there was fresh snow on al the tall mountains, which we got to see in glory; because the sun really highlighted this fresh snow.

Saturday evening we watched the sun set at 12000 feet. Gerrits and Suzie took us four wheeling. It was awesome!

We have since arrived at our volunteer location: we will be at Glen Eyrie, Colorado Springs, until October 9. Thereafter we plan to be with Rick and Jena at San Antonio for a week of vacation.
This place is awesome! It is located just north of the “Garden of the Gods.” We live in a cottage at the foot of a straight cliff of red rock; called Echo Rock. The food here is great and the work is hard but enjoyable. This facility uses more paid staff than some other places we have worked, but there is also plenty of work for volunteers. There is plenty of opportunity to share with other Christians as well. If you would like more information about Glen Eyrie, The Navigators, or just opportunities to visit or work here, just go to and browse the website. Corrie is on “face-book” and will share of our latest adventures as well, with lots of pictures and one liners

September 9, 2008

Moonscape and twin peaks

So, here we are in Pagosa Springs Colorado. We are having a great time with our daughter and son in law, just go to their blog to get their details....
About being on the moon, as I eluded to in our last blog, I did not include a picture, so here is one:

After a great weekend of relaxing fellowship, including Yukon Jack, who was very responsible and respectable, we went on a relaxed visit to Chimney Rock. It is a great archeological area which was apparently established by the Puebloan People about a thousand years ago. We were able to visit the Great House, the Great Kiva, and contemplate stories of the past. All the while we enjoyed the beautiful surroundings: mountains, flowers, birds, and a beautiful sunny day. We hiked for about 2 hours, climbing about 600 feet and explored various archeological sites.

September 6, 2008

Rugged and Beautiful, Man & Nature

How about this bathtub-ring?

So my son in law likes words.... but he also published pictures from the adventures he experienced with our daughter; just go to their blog

We had a whirlwind four days with our friends in Page, AZ. A day trip on lake Powell, exploring canyons, visiting the beautiful Rainbow Bridge site (Pic on our previous blog)
We took a float trip down the Colorado River, below Glen Canyon dam which was very relaxing.
We went to Toro Weap on the North rim of the Grand Canyon and you can see me sit on the edge, it looks less scary on the photograph....
We went four-wheeling in the Paria River area and found a fixer-upper...
We thought we were on the moon, but there was a road below, to which we could connect.
Beautiful Lake Powel, Yes we did go swimming in water over 200 feet deep.
The temperature (nearer the surface, of course) was nearly 80 degrees (F)

A real tight spot in Labyrinth Canyon
Does this look like a gun-sight? That's what it is named

Nice places on the river, the cayon walls are very high (1200 ft)

In the Paria river area
A real fixer upper....

The Glen Canyon dam is a sight to behold as well,
the bridge carries two lane traffic, and shakes just a bit. The dam is 710 feet high and is wider that Hoover dam, down stream.

September 3, 2008

On the Road & on the Water

As I said before, A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some pictures with few words and little text:

Here is a shot of Navjo Twins in Utah, near the Arizona Border.

Horseshoe bend, in the Colorado River at Page AZ, where we will be till Saturday morning, enjoying the surroundings, Lake Powell, the dam, and the desert.

Rainbow Bridge at Lake Powell - Glen Canyon AZ, on the Navajo side. It took 50 miles by boat to get here and then about a mile walk. That is much better than a 14 mile strenuous hike (one way)

Morning on the Colorado river, downstream from the Glen Canyon dam. A beautiful boat ride to Ferris Landing. We are enjoying creation and man's "improvements" as well.