March 10, 2010

Thoughts on Spring

Is this the last big shovelful ???

When I look out of my window I see green snow! No, wait, it is grass, – !

I rode my Suzuki Bergman on Friday and on Monday, because the weather was above freezing; the sun was even out. Had to really watch for potholes, though!
Could the winter be waning? Could this season make room for “Lente” (the Dutch word for Spring)

I like this better than the “season of Lent,” which often has a negative focus of giving something up. Lenteh (pronounce the “teh”) has such a melodious ring to it.

It reminds me of lambs in the pastures and calves jumping for
joy in the green meadows, the promise of flowers, the gentle warming of the air, even the renewed buzz of insects. (Now that’s heavy - looking forward to bugs...)

It has been a long season of “giving up.” There are some exiting winter activities, I’m sure. But, I like riding my bike or
scooter, walk in the woods, and feel the warm sunshine on my face.

So, why do I live in Iowa? Primarily, so I can make these observations. To be able to appreciate warm sunshine, to anticipate the awakening of creation after winter’s sleep, to look forward to being outside
in clothes which allow one to move. We have had a “good” winter. We have been active: working on crafts, creating train layout pieces, entertaining guests, teaching Bible truths, enjoying a nice warm home, do some remodeling, read, and shop. Winter slowed us down some, made us reflect on who we are and where we are going on life’s journey. It made me focus on the beautiful relationships we have. Another season is coming; the journey goes on! Life is good, God is in charge, and I am able to relax in that knowledge. I can’t change the changing seasons, but I can enjoy this season of life! May you be blessed by Lente.