April 29, 2012

Meanwhile, at the castle...

We have been at Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs now for nearly two weeks already. It was like coming home.  This place has really grown on us.  In some of my previous blogs I posted more information and pictures about this remarkable place.  If you’re interested, I did 5 from October till December 2009; they are still available.  I also did some in 2011, May June and December.  

Our daughter and her husband have been mostly settled in their new house here in Colorado Springs.  We were able to take some of their mementoes with us to help make this new house feel more like home.  They have registered for classes and have been “oriented.”  They love their new home and are really looking forward with joyful anticipation to their new adventure.  God has prepared their way, and they are on the road walking together. 

Corrie and I were blessed to be part of the 20th Anniversary Marriage Get Away.  We had booked the top tower room in the Glen Eyrie castle, known as the honeymoon suite. Although it is four floors up, the climb is worth it.  Windows on four sides of the hexagon allowed us a panoramic view of the Glen.

The room has a very high ceiling and gives a sense of grand opulence without being overpowering.  The pea-cock theme adds to the richness of the room.
The gathering was a little different from what we had expected, but we were tremendously blessed to be part of this celebration of God’s goodness and healing power in the marriages of many of the attendees here. 

 (Did I mention that the road on which Monique and Rick have embarked leads to a degree in (Christian) Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy, with a military “endorsement?)  Many of our marriages are in trouble and need positive reinforcement.  They hope to be able to make a difference in the abysmal divorce rate by helping struggling couples before at gets to the point of separation. 

We shall be here for another month, as host and hostess of the Pink House.  This house has been totally restored and remodeled inside.  All the rooms are “premium.”  The dining and living room have been restored and enhanced in their original splendor.  The new carpet sheds, so we’ll have to keep on top of that.  We are really looking forward to serving here for the month of May.