July 23, 2009


Over 10.000 bicycle riders are again riding across Iowa this week. The 37th year for this annual trek. It is called RAGBRAI which is an acronym based on the origin of this ride: Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. “The Register” is the Des Moines’ newspaper. You could find out much more by going to the website (http://ragbrai.com/)

This is the second time that our children, Monique and Rick, are riding the whole route. The first time was a year after Rick’s back surgery for spina bifida and also to commemorate their uncle Eddy Kamstra. Eddie was an avid biker in the Netherlands; although he had lost his right leg to cancer, he rode many miles for pure enjoyment and challenge. Many times he would ride to raise cancer awareness and to raise funds for cancer research. He planned to ride in 2007 with Rick and Monique as part of their team, but cancer got him first, Eddy died in January 2007.

Last year his wife, my sister, was here for an extended visit from the Netherlands and she got to see and greet RAGBRAI riders in Ames, Iowa.

This year I was enticed to ride a few miles, into Indianola, on July 21. If I want to do more, I would definitely have to get in much better shape. Yet, it was great to see all ages of people and all kinds of bicycles pass by us as we were waiting to join the team for the last stretch. As at the previous time, Duane and Evie Elgersma provided support for the team. We all shared a delicious diner at the end of the ride on Tuesday.

July 8, 2009


I could share a lot more
about our Alaska vacation, but it is just like home movies or slide shows :o

So here are a few pictures of our summertime activities - it does not leave much time for blogging.

Enjoy the outdoors when you can. I guess we need a storm so I can blog, but rather not; lightning and computers don't get along too well either. So just enjoy the outside with us!

(the pics are click-able for larger views)