June 14, 2013

Memorial Day and beyond

My last blog was written at the start of the Memorial Day weekend, but on the 27th of May, the actual Memorial Day we went for a hike.  
We revisited “the scar” and went to an overlook of Queen’s Canyon.  On the way and at our destination we could really see some of the fire damage reslting from last year’s Waldo Canyon fire.  
A lot of mitigation work to prevent severe flash flooding and debris flow has been done in the area.  Monique and Rick were with us and they went right up to the edge of this overlook.

This was scary to me, because I don’t like to get close to any edge, even more so, if it is very high.  With proper encouragement, however, I did make it to the edge as well.  The Monique only picture shows Palmer’s dam in Camp Creek, which runs through Queen’s Canyon.  At this dam the water is diverted to a collection and pipe transportation system, which replenishes some of the reservoirs, now in Colorado Springs.  Also this picture shows the fire damage on the other side of Queen’s Canyon. 
 In a previous blog I published a picture in this area where a flood mitigation fence was built. 

 This time I included a picture of the new castle lawn as seen from this overlook area; it is beautifully green.  We all pray that there won’t be any flash flooding in the area.  Not only to preserve the beauty of Glen Eyrie, but also the area in the city where Camp Creek is canalized.

Meanwhile there is a large fire in the NE area of Colorado Springs, known as Black Forest.  Again the resources of those who fight fires are being stretched.  Many people have lost their homes and possessions.  Today, June 14, there is some rain in the area. 

 In Iowa the drought is over.  There is actually some minor flooding and the rivers run at flood-stage. We took a long motorcycle trip on June 13.  The weather was beautiful; no wind to speak of, sun-shine, and about 80 degrees.