August 23, 2009

Summer fun (4)

dad and daughter on the scooter

Corrie & Rick on the road (crossing I-80/35)

Our birthdays came and went. Although we are now almost old, yet we still have lots of fun enjoying life, and this summer. For Corrie’s birthday our kids surprised us with a great motor cycle ride and dinner at a close friend’s house.

The summer has been absolutely great; we had little rain and many warm sunny days. Not too much heat and humidity, just great. We have gone on many trail rides on our bicycles and enjoyed seeing the local wild life. Cotton tail rabbits galore, and the ubiquitous ground squirrels of course, but we have also feasted our eyes on deer.

One morning we saw an adult doe with five fawn. They still had their spots. The were not afraid of us at all. Three crossed the trail ahead of us but two decided to give us a closer look. The reason I don’t have a picture is that I did not want to disturb this beautiful moment.

I am still “practicing” for my motor cycle licence, but plan to stop practicing in the near future - should be able to pass the test. Summer is winding down and we look forward to the planned mission trips coming up at the end of September.

August 8, 2009


this is the Bald Eagle we saw at Denali - a rare sight so far inland

It looks like all we do is have fun riding our bikes around here. There sure is a lot to be said for being retired during nice cool summer weather.

I have celebrated my second 32nd birthday on the 5th of August. It looks like riding bicycle is the current phase of our life. Sailing and Flying are in the past and getting my motorcycle license still is in the future.

We are currently studying the book of Daniel at our house on Sunday night, with a light supper to get us started.

The next few weeks look to be a bit warmer than it was in July, but fall is coming soon. We have travel plans and I will keep the blog up to share about events coming up. Life just moves along gently at this time, which gives me time to read, study, and “meditate.” I truly do this, but often my eyes are closed and I wake up some time later - to go back to reading...