February 13, 2014


Another month has gone by.  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Another attempt at commercialization of our society.  I had no idea about this holiday and the associated customs when I was younger, because at that time I lived in the Netherlands.  When I was in fourth grade, in 1957,  a girl from our class emigrated to the US, with her family.  I thought it would be nice to be a pen pal to her and wrote her a nice letter.  When she wrote back, some time later, she had included a “valentine.”  She explained that all the boys and girls in the US were exchanging these small cards with loving texts on them during the event called”Valentine’s Day.  I still remember the small silky red hearts and the saying on this card:   “I love you, and it’s not puppy love”
I guess it is a good thing that we married in 1965.  This just goes to show that she was absolutely serious about this little card she had sent me.

We have had a very long cold spell, with temperatures remaining well below freezing for weeks on end.  We had planned to remain near home in Des Moines this winter.  I guess putting up with a deep freeze, is preferable over getting stuck in a blizzard; “weather” by car at an airport.

I have been making things.  Sjoelbakken for our children, and model Harley Road King for my bride.  The activity keeps me warm and occupied.  After a roto-rooter job on my left sinuses I breathe much better and have stopped snoring as well.  March is coming...