July 12, 2012

This is IOWA in summer


Ride your motor cycle through the shallow fords and go slow, otherwise your rider will complain about wet feet.  Stop and go for small hikes.  Not like the hikes of Colorado Springs, but beautiful rewarding sights anyway.  
This hilly and rocky areas are great for getaways on the motor cycle, but tends to cramp your style when you want to go on a pedal pusher bicycle.  Then it is nice that there are many relatively flat spaces as well. 

 Many old railroad tracks have been converted to bicycle trails around Iowa. As a whole this is a very bike friendly state, pedal powered or otherwise.  Motorized bikes are never allowed on any of the “bike” trails, so that families can ride without worries about their kids getting over-run by mopeds.   But many of the secondary roads and farm roads are paved and well maintained, so the motorized two wheelers can go exiting places as well, without having to worry about heavy traffic. Enjoying the summer.