December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

't Is the day before Christmas!  
Although I never dream of a white Christmas, we got one anyway.
The first snow came with a vengeance on December 20.  It shut down most of our state and the roads stayed treacherous till Saturday.  The weather has stayed very cold, so that we are assured to have a white Christmas.  

I wish all who follow me in my ramblings:
a very blessed Christmas!  

May the Joy of the Christmas Child fill your hearts, 
May His Light fill the darkness of winter, 
and may His Hope brighten your Future.

December 12, 2012


Our trip to Jerusalem on October 5, started in the port of Ashdod.  From there we bussed through the Judean countryside to Jerusalem.  On the way we stopped for an “overlook.”  The weather was very clear and warm.  When we got to Gethsemane, we realized that we would have to deal with large crowds all day.  

It was very busy!  We did visit the “Church of the Nations” at the garden and reflected on the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Our tour guide had us read some appropriate scripture at selected sights, which enhanced the visits to these historic places. 
We had opted for the tour of the “old city,”  rather than some other, more familiar sites.  This tour, however; included a visit to the “Church of the Sepulcher,” where we again encountered an oppressive crowd.  That it was on a Friday and toward the end of the Feast of Tabernacles obviously added to the crowding. 

The old city was impressive to me.  Just to be in the close quarters of the old passageways gives you a sense of antiquity.  We visited David’s tomb and encountered a Arminian funeral procession on the way.  

When we finally arrived at the Wailing Wall, it was nearly sundown, which is the start of the Jewish Sabbath.  Again there was a great crowd. This time there were many Hasidic Jews getting ready to worship at this holy site.  I did get a chance to make it all the way to the wall and touch it before sundown. (I am the small orange spot in the picture.)  By the time my spouse tried to reach the wall in the women’s section it was getting too late.  She did get close, but many women with bay carriages were blocking the way.  I was politely reminded that I was no longer allowed to take any pictures, because the Holy Day had started.  We left the old city through the Dung Gate and headed back to our ship in Ashdod.