January 5, 2012

Early Joy

Happy New Year!
How about a three hour motor-cycle ride on January 4, 2012? One could be happy with riding any day in January in Iowa.

It seems like we are in a cocoon, so far this winter. No snow yet and above freezing daytime temperatures seem to be the order of the day. Not that I am complaining, far from it; I like these warmer, snow free days a lot. We have had many sunshiny days and my bride keeps reminding me, that we are having “another” one. Many winters in the mid-west or the heart land of the USA are filled with grey days. This couple with the shorter daylight hours may cause rhe winter blues.

Not so far this year. I had to contend with a few days of high fever and the subsequent recovery period and missed going out on the last warm day of the previous year, but today surely made up for it.

My son-in-law and I went for an extended ride in the surrounding country side and drank in the fresh air and enjoyed unlimited visibility. Welcome 2012.

Christmas cantata at Lutheran Church of Hope, one of the beautiful events of the season.