June 10, 2010

Cowboy Church

While we were volunteering at Glen Eyrie we attended church at the Flying W Ranch. The Flying W is a Western hang-out in NW Colorado Springs. It is only about 10 minutes from Glen Eyrie. We were invited by another volunteer to attend church here, with her the first Sunday we were present on the grounds of Glen Eyrie. Although our job of hosting the Pink House usually involves work on the weekends, we are able to break away to attend one of the many churches in the area. The Navigators are not a church, or a denomination. So, they do not operate a church on the grounds.
This does not mean, of course, that one cannot worship on the property.

Obviously many guests do exactly that. The serenity of the place, the peace it exudes, no cell phone signal in may areas, and no TV make you appreciate your surroundings.

The handy work of the Creator is manifest all around. The quiet wild life one may encounter, the rock formations, trees and flowers, and the beautiful sights seen on any of the many hiking trails.

But let’s go back to Sunday Worship at the “Cowboy-Church. The winter dining area is set up as a worship center.

The stage area contains the pulpit and also accommodates the Praise Team, which leads the congregation in singing and helps to focus on God. As you enter the rustic worship center, you are encouraged to take a pillow along. The pick-nick table benches get somewhat uncomfortable after about a half hour.

Old time hymns with guitar and mandolin music accompanying, makes for a great time of singing together. The sermons are very much Bible based, yet contemporary and helpful for daily living. No strange theology here!

We continued to attend worship here, except for our last Sunday. We had a great wedding celebration involving both of us on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Maybe I’ll share some pictures of this in another blog.