May 30, 2012

Our time at the Glen is coming to a close.  We celebrated Memorial Day here on the grounds and took a hike to the top of the "Lady Bug" overlook, where we had lunch. We watched the traffic going around in the Garden of the gods. The view from this overlook is spectacular in any direction, just look at the pictures.  

A previous week we had hiked to the Big Horn memorial, beyond the Echo Rock overlook on The Scar. 

It never tires us to go on hikes in this beautiful part of Colorado.  Tomorrow we will be replaced as hosts at the Pink House and we plan to travel back to Des Moines on Monday.

May 18, 2012


Time surely flies when you're having fun.  Mother's Day has come and gone and Memorial Day beckons.  We have hosted at the Pink House over two weeks already and are on the downhill side of our time here.  We were invited to attend a Mother's Day tea at the Glen and we enjoyed the Victorian style Music Room in the beautiful Glen Eyrie castle.

During our time off, we do some local sight seeing and enjoy gorgeous Colorado, while we can. 

We were able to spend some fun times with our kids who moved here about a month ago.  Rick celebrated his birthday and we were part of that celebration as well.  

I have done many educational tours for the local school children and conducted public tours as well.  
As before, I dress up in period clothes.  The kids, at least for a while, think I actually may be General Palmer.

Glen Eyrie is beautiful as ever and we have enjoyed our stay here very much. 

The turkeys still roost in the trees overnight.