May 28, 2014

GLEN EYRIE Spring 2014

New and exiting things have been going on at Glen Eyrie. Our month here is nearly finished. We'll be heading back to Johnston, Iowa, on Sunday, June 1. While we were here we only went on 2 hikes, so far. The weather has been very variable, with snow, thunderstorms, cool windy weather, also some sunshine, but cool for the time of year. Also we have been very busy doing our hospitality work at the Pink House. All the while major construction has been happening here. Due to the flooding last September, a decision was made to widen the creek, so it could transfer much more water. 

A canalization project with relining the widened stream bed with large rock rip-rap is ongoing. Two new bridges have replaced older stone-arch bridges, so the increased stream does not bottleneck at the crossroads. They will be dressed with stone later to preserve the overall look of the property.

Also, I am happy to report that our hummingbirds survived the frosty nights of mid May. They continue to feed voraciously at the feeder we provide for them. They seem to have no fear of us humans, to the delight of many people who come to visit the Pink House. Also, although they are known to be territorial and aggressive to competitors, they seem to get along pretty well; as the pictures show. 

We went on a small hike, to again capture Lady Bug overlook and again took some pictures of the views there. These views  never bore us! Always something new to see and experience. The surroundings are much greener that we have seen in the previous years, so I guess the snow and rain have been beneficial for the local fauna.

May 11, 2014


It is Mother's Day. A day set aside to honor all women, those who are physically mothers, but also those who “mother” us. Motherhood may be the least appreciated executive position in our society.  The pay is minimal if any, but the pay-off is critical for our future.  

But who would have thought that we would have snow at Glen Eyrie in the middle of May?

A widespread cold snow storm blanketed the Rocky Mountains here. In the Glen it started snowing mid-morning and it still continuing as I write this at sundown; not that we did see the sun today, however.

What a change with the other days this past week. 
Less than a week ago, when we went up to our favorite spot, overlooking Queen's Canyon from the east.          Glen Eyrie overlook - Garden of the Gods, & Cheyenne Mountain
It was in the mid 70's on Monday and today the high was early this morning at 43 degrees Fahrenheit. It got progressively cooler after that.

I am worried about our hummingbirds, we have cleaned off the snow from the feeder, and they have been coming all day. They are not as feisty as usual, though. I hope they make it through the night, the temperature is supposed to go below freezing. By Tuesday it should be a bit warmer again, but no 70's for another few days. I am glad that I brought a few sweaters. 

 I honored my bride, the mother of our children. All our children did something special for their mother as well! All I all a very memorable day.