April 26, 2010

Spring 2010

Just a quick update.
We plan to go back to Glen Eyrie, in Colorado Springs. We will be host and hostess at the “Pink House” during the month of May. We were here also last fall. You can review my blog entries on October 8, 19, & 27 and also November 15, for my notes and pictures of that time.

The weather has turned to "real" spring weather here. The temperatures are cooler and we are enjoying spring rains. I am glad that we decided to take the motorbike trips when the weather was dry and balmy. We were able to see many of the trees in bloom and also the tulips and other spring flowers have been in full bloom already.

Our trip includes a stopover in Norton, Kansas, where we spend a day with dear friends we met on previous occasions, providing hospitality using the “Mennonite Your Way” system. We have used this hospitality network for many years already and have met with a lot of interesting travelers. With some of these over-nighters we have developed ongoing friendships. It is surely much more enjoyable to spend an evening with acquaintances after a day of travel. Most, if not all, of these travelers have a decidedly Christian world view. So, we always have something in common. I also wrote about this in my blog of September 21, 2009.

April 12, 2010

New Life

The winter weather has vanished. Trees are sprouting, grass is greening, birds are singing, and the sun is nice and warm on my face. We have put on nearly 500 miles on the Bergman, since the temperature has remained above freezing. We are exploring the surrounding area of Des Moines. Usually we find a local hang-out for something to drink or a bite to eat. Many times we look for local wineries, for a taste and maybe taking a bottle or two home for later enjoyment.

On Tuesdays we work at the VA. Corrie works at the volunteer office and I work as a HHV volunteer, Helping Hospitalized Vets. We provide leather-craft kits, wood working kits, some modeling kits, like cars or airplanes, as well as a variety of other occupational activity kits; poster painting, sun-catchers and so on. Most of the patients I am working with have some limitations, they usually need some help completing their craft kits. I really enjoy doing these crafts with the patients and I get to complete some for myself as well, like the clock.