May 24, 2010

The Pink House

We are the host and hostess of the Pink House at Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs. Many of you may have read last year’s blogs about our duties and activities here. These are still available and you can check last year’s October (and November) blogs.

We have had a variety of activity this time. From an empty house, which allows us to be involved with other activities on the grounds, to a wedding on our front lawn. We have entertained visitors, who just came to check us out, – there are no formal tours of the Pink House, in contrast to the Castle.
We did serve a Victorian Tea to a private party in out dining room.

We host many hummingbirds as well, who empty their feeder every other day!

The turkeys have been scarce the past few days, I think they are nesting or protecting their chicks in a safe place. The only Bighorn sheep we have seen were some young males, who transition the premises occasionally.

We did have about 300 boy-scouts here for a great camporee the weekend of May 15. They celebrated 100 years of the Boy-scouts of America and blessed us with a couple of days of trail maintenance at Glen Eyrie.

Although the weather was cool and rainy for their first day, all the tents could dry out on the last day when the sun shone brightly, but it was not too warm for them to continue working on the trails. There was a Civil War re-enactment as part of their camporee experience, and the sound of gun-fire echoed of the surrounding sandstone rock formations. All in all a very pleasant experience for the scouts as well as the other guests here.

Occasionally we have the chance to go for a hike on the property and at is always a thrill to enjoy the quiet nature around us. Blooming trees and scurrying squirrels, weathered bristle cone trees and busy birds, even vintage airplanes flying over, like the B-17 I got a picture of. This week there is a family reunion, which uses the whole house. We should be busy refreshing rooms and changing towels for the next three days. Then on the weekend there will be another wedding on the front lawn with a tea-brunch in our dining room.

May 8, 2010

Spring Again !

It has been cooler here, in Colorado. We spent the first night in Fairplay, visiting Corrie’s brother. Here we experienced snow on the ground! The weather in Colorado Springs has been a little bit gentler, but we have gone from sweaters to shorts and back. I guess we get to celebrate spring all over again. It has been slower in coming than what we experienced in Iowa. Only two irises blooming in a sunny spot.

There is water running in the creek and if one wants to go to Dorothy Falls, wet feet will be part of the experience. The many creek crossings needed to get there, are awash with cool running water.

The Big Horn sheep are in the mountains, probably taking care of the lambs. The turkeys are alive and well, still roosting in the trees every night. They wake us in the morning with their calls and noise, when they come down again. The deer are losing their winter coat and the grass needs mowing.

We do have many new “SOWER” volunteers at Glen Eyrie and the General likes showing them around.
We were privileged to show off the “Pink House” to a group of them. Normally the “Pink House” is not open for public tours, but we have the option to conduct private tours while we are hosting here.

It really is a blessing to be able to serve here. We meet many really great people and are able to share many of our experiences.

Not only do we serve as Pink House Hosts, we also help with food service and facilities functions, like helping with landscaping, painting, building maintenance, and other services.