June 30, 2012

WALDO Canyon fire (2)

Just to share a few awesome pictures. As you can see the Eagle Lake Campsite has been spared from destruction; by faithful and resilient firefighters and the hand of God.  That does not imply that the devastation seen in the other views is out side of the hand of God.  
We cannot fathom these seeming contradictions.  Just read the book of Job.  Yet, God provides for His people, always.  
Just not always in means we can understand.  35.000 people displaced 340 home destroyed  and only 2 (so far) fatalities, found in the same home...

June 27, 2012

Waldo Canyon Fire

Just three weeks ago we hiked the Waldo Trail, overlooking this area which is now burning.  The pictures of the fire are from our kids in Colorado springs, taken on June 26, 2012.  

The map is from the morning of June 27 and shows the previous day in the yellow demarcations. 

So far Glen Eyrie has been spared, as like it seems, is Eagle Lake.  

The Flying W Ranch is gone however.

I had some personal struggles with natural law and the power of the Creator, but upon reflection I am again reassured that God remains on the throne and in control of all that happens in this world, including political wrangling.   We may not always like the result, but who are we to question the Almighty?  

Isa 45:9  But doom to you who fight your Maker—you’re a pot at odds with the potter! Does clay talk back to the potter: ‘What are you doing? What clumsy fingers!’  (the Message)