November 13, 2013

Home again

We are home from Glen Eyrie.  It took awhile to get settled in again.  We had been gone for nearly three months. Previously our daughter or our son-in-law would turn on our house and put a day’s worth of groceries in the fridge.  This time we were on our own to do all this.   Needless to say it took a little longer to get back up to speed in our home.  Also because we had been very busy the month of October, we decided to take some time off from any recurring activities outside our home.  Corrie was adamant about going to choir.  She wants to sing in the cantata, and that means going to practice. It is very relaxing and fulfilling to her.  I opted out, I prefer a bit more leisurely choir activity.  I’ll probably join after the new year’s celebrations.

Last year we had just returned from our cruise in the Mediterranean. On October 13, we visited Corfu, Greece.  This was close to the Albanian border, and some travelers opted to visit there.  We stayed “in town” and did some sight seeing.  The were some old fortresses which guarded the pathway to the mainland.  We also noted a strong Venetian influence on the architecture.   This was also the place where Corrie fell in love with the Greek design tablecloth, which we bought.
It was a relaxing day, although there was some climbing from sea-level to the downtown area.  We took a bus into the old city and decided to walk back to the “new” harbor, where our ship was moored.  We enjoyed good weather and shared some local food and coffee.