February 4, 2012

Mid-Winter Thoughts

In winter I don’t write as much, good weather or bad. But, I have been out on my motor-bike for many rides this winter. The weather has been fabulously mild.
January has been a month of regrouping for us. We went trough our possessions and got rid of stuff we had not use for two or more years. We read books, watched some old movies, and did some crafts.

Well, today, February 4, winter arrived with about 6 inches of snow. The temperature has been right around freezing, so none of the blistery cold they have to put up with in Central and eastern Europe. It actually looks nice outside. It helps that it is Saturday, so not many people have to go anywhere. People can stay home and enjoy the falling flakes and the pristine snow on the street and the lawn.

The pictures were taking elsewhere. In the Caribbean Sea, to be exact. Just reminiscing...