August 31, 2008

On the road again

We left home on Saturday and drove to Fairplay Colorado, to spend the evening and the night with Corrie's brother Gerrits and his family. We had a prosporous trip and the traffic was lighter than anticipated for labor-day weekend. Today we experienced Glenwood Springs Canyon as well as a gorgeous ride along side the Colorado River and arrived in Monticello, UT, where we will spend the night. Tomorrow on to Page Arizona.

August 25, 2008

Bridges of Madison County, IA

When my sister Tineke was here, she shared that she had seen the movie: “The Bridges of Madison County” on her flight to the USA. It just so happens that Madison County is Kitty Corner to Polk county, where we live. While our son Rick and his wife Jena were here we decided to go see these bridges. Rick likes all bridges, – he is an Engineer, and he has a soft spot for covered bridges. So, this was an excellent excursion on a hot July day. We saw 4 of the 5 bridges and here is a sampling:

Across Beaver Creek,
On Saturday the weather was just too good not to go on a nice bike ride. We decided to go to Monique and Rick’s house, but when we got there, they were not home. If you go to their blog you can read what they were all about. So, we decided to go on to Valley Junction, so we could stop there for a cup of coffee and share a “Dutch Letter” (banket by another name.) Anyway, when you come 17 miles by bicycle you can take the calories...
After a leisurely ride home with nice detours through the woods, we had home-improved pizza for lupper. Some time thereafter w Monique and Rick cam on their motorbike and visited for a while. We sure are blessed to live in a nice area and have great August weather to enjoy the outoors

August 21, 2008

Biking everywhere

In Holland biking on a nice day in 2007, with brother Gert and Margreet.
Tineke and I at Saylorville-lake. (Near Des Moines, IA)

Over and above the traffic on the express-way.

When my sister was visiting from the Netherlands we went for some local bike trips as well. She likes to go to quite places by bicycle. Back home she has access to many trails and beautiful areas on the sea-bottom of the now dry and enclosed Lauwers zee. It is a beautiful nature reserve with many birds and small game. The picture is with my brother and his wife near the old sea-dike.
Tineke, my sister, is seen here on the bridge over I-35/80 and also at Saylorville lake.
She will ride in the Netherlands with some of her siblings and friends in “Ride for the Roses” a Lance Armstrong initiative in the Netherlands to help fight cancer. This is particularly significant, because Eddy, Tineke’s husband died from this awful disease in January 2007. Eddy was an avid biker, even though he had lost his leg to cancer in 1989 and was using a prosthesis to get around. He wanted to ride RAGBRAI in 2007, but did not get to fulfil that dream. Tineke saw RAGBRAI riders come in to Ames this year. It was a very emotional experience. (See also Rick Elgersma’s blog of July 29 (08) and some of my old blogs for more information, if you wish.)

August 14, 2008

Bicycling here

Corrie and I enjoy riding our bikes in the local area
Here are just a few pictures of the thing we encounter right here in the city
An old Rail Road bridge now brings bikers to the other side of the Des Moines river

During the flood, there was no biking here,
but we now have open trails again:
Although some times we may get wet feet,particularly if you ride through deep puddles, which may remain after a rain storm.

There are many trails in our area and we sometimes go for a whole day enjoying as much as 40 miles of local beauty

August 10, 2008


We were at lake Okoboji with our grandchildren and their parents the past few days. The weather cooperated wonderfully. we became instant grandparents to two more children, because Tony & Dawn were part of a two day conference and their friends had asked if we could watch their kids as well.

It was a blessing to see four kids get along! Splashing in the water, playing on the playground and even playing mini-golf. We had the real parents along at the mini-golf course...
Home for the weekend and a busy week ahead.
I should have remembered that 63 year old backs don't take well to cannonball splashes in the pool, oh well!

August 6, 2008

Three days in early August

From the day before my birthday to the day after my birthday was three days (modern math). The first picture was on the day before. Three friends went on a spiritual exploration trip: we found these cliffs in Iowa(!) One of us knew where and showed us this place of solitude, at Redrock Lake, near Pella. We spend time reflecting on the beauty of the site, the beautiful sights, and we explored some personal ideas with emphasis on the goodness of our Lord.

"The day after" I and my bride went on a nice bike ride, we rode north to explore the Big Creek area. I had been there about three weeks ago, with my friend, (who also showed me the cliffs) It seems to be another "secret" place. It has much solitude, yet it is an excellent family "get-away-from-it-all" spot. The weather was balmy, but much cooler than the "day before" and even the "day of" When Iowa feels like Missouri we appreciate shade and AC.

August 5, 2008

A new venue

So, here I am on my 63rd birthday. Starting a new blog on a new blog site,
the old one is still "valid" as well, ( but this new one seems to be more user friendly. It will let me post more than one picture per entry. Because a picture maybe worth a thousand words, I can save time typing...
My first mistake was using white as a font color, which was invisible on a white back ground, oh well. Then I needed to turn on my Google cookie, before I could use my newly created account.
Did I need that frustration? On my birthday?
Life is too short and furious to worry about the small stuff! (and everything is small stuff, -- other than one's relationship to the one and only GOD)