March 31, 2012


Spring sprung with a vengeance this year. It seems like there was a mild winter in many parts of the world. I do recall some news reports regarding eastern and also Mediterranean Europe reflected lots of snowfall in some regions there. The month of March was the warmest on record .in our neck of the woods. We were able to take our motor bike on some early rides. We visited our grand-children twice during this month. They presented a musical story about the Exodus at their school. We were impressed with the excellent performance of all the children from kindergarten till 8th grade. They all played a part in this delightful musical! The title “Are we there yet?” reflects some of the humor which was a large part of this presentation. The kids had fun and the audience loved it.

Toward the end of March we again visited Hollandale. The boys showed off their pinewood derby cars.

The next day we went to the Minnesota Honor Band concert.
This was being performed in Austin at the high school. Arn, our older grandchild played the trombone. He really enjoyed being there, learning and playing all day.
Afterwards we went for pizza.

Our daughter and her husband are leaving to study at Regis University in Colorado Springs for the next few years. The Lord provided an affordable and accessible home for them in the city. We are excited about that, although, we will miss them.

I’ll particularly miss Rick’s visits and the deep discussions we often had. But we look forward to visiting with them when we volunteer at Glen Eyrie. The next message probably will be from there...

March 4, 2012


Some time ago I cam across the following:

Pontius Pilate asked: “What is truth?”
Jesus said: “The Truth will set you free!”

Truth is not determined by majority vote
It is, by definition, objectively true;
whether anyone believes it or not.

Things which are true
are by their nature wonderful;
Things that are truly wonderful,
are inevitably true.