November 15, 2009

Glen Eyrie in the Fall

Our month as "Pink House" host and hostess was over at the end of October. We have moved to another residence on the campus, here at Glen Eyrie.

We now live in the “Chalet.”
This is the small
white building in the picture. We have also gone from winter to winter, with beautiful sunshine days in between.

It seems like we enjoy (or is it endure?) a winter (snow) storm every two weeks. The great thing about the weather here, is that the snow usually melts away a day after it stops falling. At least that has been our
experience so far.

We have been busy doing other work now.

I have been manufacturing backdrop boxes for the upcoming Madrigals. The fronts are being printed. It will be a replica stained-glass window, depicting a nativity scene. We are also scheduled to help with serving the guests during the Madrigal dinner and show. Something we are really looking forward to, with joyful anticipation.

Corrie has been busy with phone calls, some other office tasks and dining room duty.

Because the Glen is going through a slower period this part of the year, we get to enjoy many “boxed” meals. The other single volunteers have been taking their meals at the Chalet with us.
It has become “dinner and a movie.” We have a DVD player for just that purpose!

During the past few weekends we have gone on some more hikes.
Both, in the snow and up on the rocks during beautiful warm fall weather.

During the half week after Veteran’s Day, the Pike’s Peak Cog Railway was offering substantial discounts for military personnel and veterans, who have a military ID.
We took advantage of this and went up to the summit on November 12.
Reaching the summit was in question, as the wind was howling through the saddle at 12000 feet.
After we reached Windy Point at 12129 feet, the wind had dropped to below 50 mph, so we went on to the top.

With an ambient temperature of 23 degrees (F) and the wind at 47 mph, our noses detected about +1 degree (F). Cold to say the least! We had prepared by bringing warm clothes, yet we cooled off very quickly. The gift shop was a nice reprieve.