February 10, 2010

Thoughts of Winter - 2

We are breaking records, this year! More continuous snow days than “ever.” Records are being broken and reset just about everywhere, not just in Iowa. Snow-white may be beautiful, but I would like some green gras, or even some uncovered dirt sometime soon.

To help pass the time, we are going to volunteer to help package meals with “Meals from the Heartland.” This is a community effort, usually in the fall, which provides nutritious, good tasting meals for the disadvantaged. Most of these meals go to Haiti. Because of the devastation, many more meals are needed. The local church where this program started a few years ago, is again providing space and help to do this interim packaging to help relieve the current need in Haiti. Besides, these are the types of activities we retired for, to be free to help wherever the need may be.

We still like to travel, but to be near home in the winter to work locally, fills a need as well. Not having to go somewhere when it snows, is definitely a benefit of retirement as well. But still, I think, that if we had not committed to teaching a Bible Study at our home this winter, we might have looked for another place to spend this season. Either way, we are here and we are having a great time enjoying home activities. Working on the train layout, digitizing some old cassette tapes, so we can play them on our mp3 players; some home improvements and so on.