August 29, 2013

Back at Glen Eyrie

The week after my birthday we celebrated the birthday of my spouse. She is one week younger than I.  Believe it or not, it has been that way our entire life.  The next day we left for Colorado Springs, to attend a Marriage Get-Away at Glen Eyrie.  Our Marriage Get-Away was very good, breakfast in bed on Friday morning; lots of one on one time for each couple in the afternoons.  We were warned that we were not allowed to do any work, or anything that even looked like work, while attending the MGA. (I guess they know us here) Our sessions were excellent and focused on relationships, particularly couple interaction and understanding each others' love language. All our meals were spectacular!  The cooks outdid themselves. 

On Sunday (8-18) we moved into the lower apartment in the Châlet from the Castle Room, where we had been staying for the MGA.

It is warm here during the day, the nights are cool - mid 60s  but afternoon temperatures hit upper 80s and even  a few low 90s. But fortunately we don't have the humidity, which is so prevalent in the Heartland, so it is OK to be, and even work outside. 

We went for a walk (small hike) last Sunday (8-25) during the early afternoon and we appreciated the shade, when we could find it.

The work has been sporadic the first week, but we are really busy this week.  Right now there are but a few guests.  We have had some senior (High School) retreats, so lots of activity and energy.  Corrie has been doing dining room attendant work, and Joh is working for Facilities.  Some other tasks are in the works.  We still love working here!!  Surrounded by the rocks which hide this valley form the business of the city, we get to enjoy the peaceful quiet of Glen Eyrie.  Even in the midst of work, we can greet the turkeys, the big horn sheep, and chase the squirrels.

August 5, 2013

Happy Birthday to me

Because nearly two weeks have past since my last update and because I celebrate my 68th birthday today (Aug 5), I thought I would do a quick update.

We have had absolutely fabulous weather during the past two weeks and have gone out on both our motorcycle and on our bicycles.  

The previous week we pointed our motorcycle west and visited the Löss Hills in western Iowa.  After stopping off to see a Danish windmill and a picture with (a replica) of the statue to “The Little Mermaid.”  The original is in Kopenhagen, Denmark.

This statue is to commemorate the fairy tale by Hans Christiaan Anderson, who was of Danish descent, and whose story was brought to fame by Walt Disney. 
We went on to Bronson, in NW Iowa.  
There we spent the night with dear friends.  The next day we went back to our home in Johnston, but we had to stop at the (non-continental but none-the-less important) Missouri - Mississippi divide in central Iowa.  

Then last week we rode around the central Des Moines area.  The trip took us around Gray’s Lake and into waterworks park.  Waterworks park reminds my of my home area in the Netherlands.  Flat, rustic, and lots of water!  Just a few pictures to feast your eyes.