October 27, 2014

We went 2500 mile to get from Johnston to Colorado Springs this year. Also it took about a week to get there. Obviously we did not go by the most direct route. Interested in seeing Glacier National Park, we decided to take this detour on our way to volunteer at Glen Eyrie. As some of my previous blogs can attest, we usually spend a few months there every year. This year it was May and October.


Our trip to Glacier was very enjoyable. At the beginning of the second day we were blessed with a flat tire. I do mean blessed, really! It could have happened on route 212 in the middle of no-where. After a short delay in Belle Fourche, SD, we were on our way to Great Falls MT. We celebrated our 49th anniversary there. So, on to Glacier NP the next few days.


 Unfortunately the sky was hazy due to persistent high pressure and the smoke of many wild-fires south and west of this region. Non-the-less it was quite the experience. On our way south we stopped at the beautiful cathedral in Helena. We skipped Yellowstone NP, because of time and a few previous visits to this beautiful and exciting National Treasure.

In Wyoming we stopped in Thermopolis, a small bubbling hot springs park area, with free soaking in the provided pool. This was a very beautiful area as well. Corrie's FB picture was taken here. We spend the last night before getting to the Springs, in Laramie, WY. A nice college town with another beautiful church building. The had there last of the season farmers' market that evening and we enjoyed great hospitality and fellowship.

Started our volunteer month at Glen Eyrie on the 30th of September, with all the work and joy that continues to bring us.

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